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Ektoh Online Spiritual & Energy-Intuitive Medicine

Medical & Spiritual Author - Registered Medical Practitioner (AM) - Naturopath - Dietician

Theological Philosopher -  Spiritual & Intuitive/Energy Healing Practitioner 


        Dr.Toh E.K (Peter) MD(Nat) DSc(AM) PhD(SpHE) PhD(ThPh) HIDip.(CT)

         PhD Spiritual Healing & Energy (US)

         PhD Theological Philosophic Studies (US)

         DSc(AM)  Doctor Of Science of Alternative Medicine.

         MD Medical Doctor (Naturopath)

         Higher Int. Diploma of Complimentary Therapies(UK)


         Dip.(Anatomy & Physiology)(UK)


         Advanced Dip.(Nutrition)(UK)

         Dip.(Neuro-Linguistic Programming)(UK)

         Registered Medical Practitioner (AM)

        Professional Member Of The International Association Of Medical Intuitives  (MIAMI)(US)

        Advisory Board member of NCI Bible College (US)



       *Diploma and Degree courses (accredited) are available from this ministry, viz. Biblical and Theological Studies and Spiritual & Energy-Intuitive Healing (Alternative Medicine).

         For details concerning study programmes, admission requirements and tuition fees, kindly email your request to Dr.Toh at

Books written by Dr.Toh E.K.(Peter) are available on purchase include, Crystal Colour & Sound Healing, Spiritual & Energy Healing, Applied Nutrition Handbook (six books academia series), Diseases & Remedies, Energy Field Healing, Fundamentals of Prayer & Fasting, Philosophy of Ethics, Epistemology of Eternal Life (depicting the end times events). Enquiries by email to Dr.Toh at 





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